A-Frame Augmented Reality


A-Frame Augmented Reality Surf Aid is an innovative solution for learning and improving surf techniques. The technology includes AR contact lenses that are comfortable for the eyes and compatible with regular contact lenses. These lenses allow the user to record rides, tricks, and sessions for personal use as well as statistical analysis to help them improve. The best clips of each session would be saved so the user does not have to spend time looking through hours of footage. The learning technologies of A-Frame pick out instances in which it can assist the user on how to better their technique. A-Frame Lenses also draw lines for the surfer, pick out sections for tricks, provide the time, tide, and temperature of various locations, and identify the best waves for beginners, intermediate, and pro level surfers. The technology also points out hazardous waves, rip currents, and other surfers to eliminate safety hazards.

The A-Frame mobile app is where the user can access their recordings, statistics, and tips for better surfing. They can indicate if they would like specific assistance with choosing waves, trying new tricks, and other helpful features. The A-Frame app tells the user the best time of day to go surf in their location as well as provides a suggestion for the best board to take based on the conditions. The app design is clean, minimal, gender-neutral, and to the point while still having a calming water-themed aesthetic. This application is practical, as advancements in both surfing and technology happen every day. As society moves further into the digital world of augmented reality, virtual reality, and Meta, these technologies are becoming feasible and will be set into motion in the next few years.

The A-Frame contact lenses take two long blinks to activate and turn on. If the user wears contact lenses already, the A-Frame lenses will adjust accordingly. After inserting the lenses, the user will sync them with the A-Frame app and indicate their experience level on the app. The technology will learn from each session and pick up on what the user needs help with in addition to what they have indicated on the app. Three quick blinks with the lenses in starts recording, and three more quick blinks will end the recording. The lenses will read the waves and show which one is best for the user based on their experience level. When the user starts to paddle for a wave, A-Frame will draw a line down the wave. After the session, two long blinks will turn the lenses off. Once the lenses are taken out, the A-Frame app will have the recordings, statistics, and tips gathered from the session.