Second Skin Swim & Leisure


Second Swim is a luxury swimwear and loungewear company that offers high-end swimsuits and clothing made with sustainable materials. The company was founded by a former fashion model, and its products are designed to be stylish, sustainable, and comfortable. Second Swim’s swimwear is made from eco-friendly materials such as Econyl, a regenerated nylon fiber made from recycled plastic waste. The company also incorporates sustainable practices into its packaging materials and shipping process. In addition to its commitment to sustainability, Second Swim is known for its effortlessly chic designs and attention to detail. Its products are sold online and through select retailers worldwide. Components for this design include environmental design, website design, merchandise and promotional products, and logo design.

The second component is new tags for Patagonia clothing, made from biodegradable material and flower seeds. When a consumer buys a new Patagonia product, they are urged to plant the clothing tag so it will grow flowers. Even if the consumer chooses not to plant their tag and grow flowers, wherever the tag ends up, it will biodegrade and not cause any harm to the planet. 

Additionally, Second Skin is committed to ethical manufacturing practices, ensuring that its products are made in safe and fair working conditions. The brand name lends itself to comfortability, both while wearing the products as well as feeling good about buying them. In a society where fast fashion is on a heavy rise, Second Skin is devoted to creating quality products that are not harmful to the planet. Overall, Second Skin offers fashion-conscious consumers a way to look stylish while also supporting sustainable and ethical practices in the fashion industry.