Univers Type Specimen Book


Cosmos is a cohesive type specimen book for Adrian Frutiger’s typeface, Univers. The book is complete with regular, compressed, condensed, italic, and extra black styles, and it showcases different leading and alignment options for each style. The theme of the book is astrology to compliment the name of the typeface, Univers. The title of the book, Cosmos, further pays homage to the name of the typeface and helps to tie in the astrological theme.

 The design is minimal with limited colors, and the larger geometric shapes contrast with the smaller star shapes throughout the book. Zodiac sign illustrations are included to complement the text utilized in the book, which explains astrological concepts, such as planetary placements and zodiac signs. The decision to bring in astrological elements helps to compliment the typeface itself as well as create something interesting and meaningful to read while viewing the Univers typeface.