Booch, Please! Kombucha 


Booch, Please! is an organic kombucha brand that manufactures kombucha using organic and ethically sourced ingredients. This brand is health- and design-oriented, with visually pleasing labels but no frill. Many competitors’ packaging have inspirational quotes or spiritual visuals and notations, while Booch, Please! only delivers the basics without any of the nonsense. This information can confuse consumers when buying kombucha products as they might think too deeply about what the drink does to the body, when really it just aids the digestive systems and provides the body with healthy bacteria. Many other kombucha brands also dance around the subject of how kombucha actually benefits the body, but Booch, Please! is just the opposite. Booch Please! Kombucha was looking for a vintage and sassy design for their product packaging. The results were simple yet funky, colorful labels that facilitate the desired perception of the brand.

 A 70’s inspired color scheme was chosen along with illustrated flowers and light intricate patterns to complete the look. The layering of different shapes and patterns helps to facilitate the 70’s style and attitude of the time. The logo was idealized through the same style as a harmony symbol, with the brand name appearing inside. The logo has been drawn out in a flower shape significant of the 70’s when on product packaging to facilitate and unify the other elements of the design. The color of each label is consistent with the flavor of kombucha the can holds. Booch, Please! uses only high-quality, organic ingredients to make their kombucha, which is brewed in small batches using traditional methods. The result is a range of delicious and nutritious kombucha flavors, including blueberry mint, lavender sage, and strawberry kiwi.